The Spice & Tea Exchange of San Francisco

About The Spice & Tea Exchange of San Francisco

    Retailer selling a wide range of spices & exotic teas, plus olive oils, extracts & more.

    At The Spice & Tea Exchange of San Francisco, California, we provide all of the absolute best high-quality ingredients, spices, seasonings, loose leaf teas, salts, sugars, gifts, and much more! Browse through a number of the best San Francisco gifts and ornaments in town. Whether you've worked for the express purpose of becoming a culinary connoisseur, run your food service business from your house, or are just looking for a quick spice fix, our expertly trained and friendly staff can help you find the best table modifications! We're well known for our over 85 handcrafted seasonings, which we will freshly mix in-house and by hand throughout the day.

    Anyone visiting this store should certainly check it out. Wonderful products, fantastic service, and wonderful atmosphere.

    Pier 39, Beach St Suite 204, San Francisco, CA 94133, United States

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