Sip Tea Room

About Sip Tea Room

    A charming destination for traditional afternoon tea service, plus savory items & small bites.

    It began with a few ladies fascinated by the smell of freshly baked scones and the strong tastes of black teas. One, raised in England, relocated to the United States. One, raised in the United States, relocated to England. After many adventures, the two met in San Francisco, CA at the Sip Tea Room. When Sip opened that summer, we invited our closest friends and family members to work alongside us. Our warm, loving attitudes helped create the perfect vibe in our tea room today. We use the freshest, seasonal ingredients to prepare nutritious, delicious meals. We buy locally where we can, and the food is all handmade in SIP's kitchen. We're proud that local visitors visit regularly, and we're glad that tourists include SIP in their list of popular locations before heading across the street to the Golden Gate Park.

    Excellent food and high-quality service offer an ideal atmosphere.

    721 Lincoln Way, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States

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