Crown & Crumpet Tea

About Crown & Crumpet Tea

    Airy cafe with playful, floral decor serving premium coffee, afternoon tea & light lunch fare.

    Crown & Crumpet, founded in 2008 by Christopher and Amy Dean, began as a tea house in San Francisco's Ghiradelli Square. The original pantry was a well-loved destination for a British tea room. We gathered our tea pots, silverware, tablecloths and other accoutrements and created Crown & Crumpet Tea Stop Cafe. We changed it back to the Chamber and Crumpet Tea Salon (it sounded so much better!) so we could cope with the fan base 's expectations and all the excitement over our new space. Sadly the white and pink floors aren t here anymore.

    Excellent High Tea in a stunning, beautifully decorated room with a service with delicious food.

    Crown & Crumpet Tea

    1746 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115, United States

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